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Ehrlich welcomes President Obama to Maryland


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ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Ehrlich welcomed President Barack Obama to Maryland during the president’s recent visit. In a statement Ehrlich offered Obama some economic and business advice:

(From a press release)

I’d like to welcome President Obama to Maryland. It is always productive to have the president hear firsthand how the doubling of our unemployment rate and the closing of 3,000 small businesses last year is impacting Maryland. Having met with more than 100 small business owners in the past two months, these hardships are foremost on my mind.

I respectfully encourage President Obama and Governor O’Malley to visit a few of the entrepreneurs I have met with to hear firsthand their sobering stories of the obstacles to job creation that currently exist in government. I have included a list of small business owners with whom I believe a conversation would be valuable.

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