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Egyptians blast Obama for interfering with Egypt’s internal affairs

Egyptians carry anti-Obama posters
Egyptians carry anti-Obama posters
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Several Egyptian signatories blasted President Obama and his administration on Friday with a lengthy message to halt the administration’s interference in the future of Egypt and the administrations’ continued support of the Muslim Brotherhood, who has been known for their terrorist activities.

Eman Nabih, a well-known Egyptian blogger has been blasting the Obama administration’s, for a few years now, for interference and support of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, who has known ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Morsi, who served as the fifth president of Egypt from June 30, 2012 to July 3, 2013 was removed after the June 2013 Egyptian protests and the subsequent Egyptian coup.

Nabih said in their letter on behalf of the signatories, “Obama, you are so ignorant and know absolutely nothing about the determination of the Egyptian people all over their history. We, the Egyptian people, are not against the American people by any mean. However, we are totally against your barefaced and blatant interference in our decisions, future and even your interference in our dreams for our own country.”

“We are against your constant support to the Muslim Brotherhood against the will of the majority of Egyptians. Therefore, we are encouraging you to step back and stop. We really had enough of your double standards dirty policy.”

“This is our message to you and to your politicized US media and the working US groups against Egypt, who don’t know the difference between freedom of speech and spreading fabricated stories about our country and people on a daily basis, which don’t serve but terrorism and your favorite terrorists Muslim Brotherhood,” said Nabih. “Stop destroying whatever is left, if there is any, of the good relations between both countries.”

On the same day, Judge Jeanine Pirro, contributor to Fox News also slammed Obama’s policy on Egypt and criticized President Barack Obama for not doing enough to support Egypt’s new government against the Muslim Brotherhood.

Pirro said, “Egypt is one quarter of the Arab world… over 90 million people. Should they fall, the West is at risk. And although Egyptians are fearful of Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, and Ansar al Sharia, 33 million of them were not afraid to take them on.”

“Egypt, Israel, and the United States, our destinies forever intertwined and for the U.S. to not support Egypt in its fight for democracy against the Muslim Brotherhood is to deny our own origins,” said Pirro.

Nabih stated that they would continue to slam Obama for his foreign policy and interference in their internal affairs and stated that the majority of Egyptians see that Obama also supports terrorism due to Obama’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Obama supports terrorism; this is what you are in the eyes of the majority of the Egyptian people. We know that you will never visit Egypt again since you conspired against us, you are not welcomed anyway,” said Nabih.

“Egypt is a pure land and we do not accept that your dirty feet profane our land. Your hands are full of Egyptians, Iraqis, Yemen, Sudanese, Libyans and Syrians blood. Obama, you only carry destruction, civil wars, devastation and disasters wherever you point at!”

Nabih went on to say, “This is what you have created Obama, and we managed to save our country and the whole region from it, we will never forget what you participated in it, to destroy the whole region. We respect those who respect themselves and mind their own affairs and respect our intelligence and free choices, we disrespect and despise those who don’t show any respect in dealing with us, US administration, media and Obama who represent the United States of America, you totally lost the Egyptian people’s respect.”

“This is the new Egypt, the whole world is going to see from now on, if you don’t respect us, get the hell out of our country.”

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