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Egyptian Justice Delivers 530 Death Sentences

Egyptian Justice Delivers 530 Death Sentences
Egyptian Justice Delivers 530 Death Sentences

Last year the Egyptian President was overthrown. Mohammed Morsi was ousted for his allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to move into his cabinet granting them free reign over most of what they wanted to do. Well that upset much of the rest of the country causing weeks of riots and turmoil.

Several hundred were arrested and the Muslim Brotherhood was declared a terrorist group. More people were arrested and recently Egyptian Justice found them guilty of crimes against the new state of Egypt.

Here is the kicker, the trials lasted all of two sessions and the defense was not able to even stand up and deliver a rebuttal to any of the charges.

Guilty were the verdicts and death is the sentence. Egypt just went backwards some several decades in its approach to freedom. This is the Egypt of old. This is the Egypt that was under the control of the Soviet Union.

Oh Yeah, that's right, the United States decided not to send its money over to the new Egyptian regime so they went to Russia like the little beggars that they are. Russia is now in control of what happens in Egypt. Since they are the ones giving the beggars the money to live and keep their armies together, Russia gets to dictate what happens in the their country.

Some 16,000 people have been arrested since Morsi's ouster. I wonder if they are all going to die like these poor souls. Don't get me wrong personally I don't care one way or the other as to what happens to the Muslim brotherhood but at least give them their say.

Everybody knows that the Egyptians are going to sentence them to death but at least let them have their say. All the human rights groups are very upset over this course of action. There is not much that they are going to do but at least they are bringing recognition to this outcry of injustice.

Egypt hasn't really mattered on the world stage for many decades and it really doesn't matter what happens now, but when people don't even get a chance to say something in their defense well that's just saying that all the Egyptians worked for is now forgotten. Good Luck.