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Egyptian Courts Convict Muslim Brotherhood Supporters

Egyptian Courts Convict Muslim Brotherhood Supporters
Egyptian Courts Convict Muslim Brotherhood Supporters

Two Egyptian courts have sentenced another 170 people for crimes relating to the riots last year after former President Morsi was ousted from office. Charged with crimes of attacking Churchs, police stations, and a sports stadium none of the supporters were sentenced to death this time around. They were however each sentenced to 10 years in prison. Another court sentenced people for trying to blow up a subway station to terms of 15 years each. They were also fined $2,800 each.

The trials have been more showcase than actual legal courts. The people are usually seen maybe once or twice and then sentenced. Civil Rights activists are outraged over the proceedings. They feel the interim military government is using these trials to crackdown on members and supporters of the group called the Muslim Brotherhood. The Brotherhood has been around for a very long time but it was gaining support and position in the Morsi government. When Morsi was ousted last summer the Brotherhood staged riots in support and the government was not going to allow it.

In the recent past the courts have sentenced some 500-600 people to death for the activities in last summers riots.

The country will be holding elections for president at the end of this month. The trials will probably be over by then. The government won't want to have to answer any questions concerning the travesty of injustice that has taken place over the last couple of months. What is also funny is that no one would speak up because of the military stronghold over the citizens that has occurred during the past nine months. People don't like to stand trial for just speaking up. Well, so much for the attempt at democracy Egypt has been trying to uphold over the last couple of decades.

The United States has pretty much walked away from the situation that is taking place in Egypt. The Egyptians have looked towards the Russians once again for aid. Wow seems like déjà vu all over again.