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Egypt youth group steps forward to clean up Alexandria

Be Positive ... Step Forward youth group in Alexandria, Egypt February 8, 2011
Be Positive ... Step Forward youth group in Alexandria, Egypt February 8, 2011
Ahmed Hassan

They don't belong to any particular group and have no political affiliations, but they are part of the 'new' youth of Egypt which is smart, wired and pushing for more civic responsibility. The last two weeks of anti-Mubarak protests, together with clashes with government security forces have turned Alexandria's streets into a real mess. As such, Mohammed Nofal created a Facebook page calling on young people to 'be positive' and 'step forward' in helping to clean up this beautiful city. He has organized the event, the first of which took place yesterday. The next 'clean up' will happen on February 28th.

Nofal posted an inspirational tribute to the greatness of Egypt in days gone by. He wants to restore that Egypt, all the while ridding it from the likes of Suleiman, ElBaradei, Amr Moussa and even the Muslim Brotherhood. For him, like many, this is the time for Egypt's youth. He is in his fourth year of study in physics at Alexandria University's Faculty of Science.

The clean up team so far has twenty-one members. They are proud to take the responsibility of ridding the streets of broken glass, stones, and trash in general. Though they've been told that Alexandria has its street cleaners, they have nevertheless taken it upon themselves to do the work.

Some wear gloves, others wear face masks; their tools are brooms and dust pans. Huge plastic bags and large plastic bins are used to haul away the day's harvest of garbage. All are enthusiastic. Below are the messages that were posted yesterday after the clean up: (the Arabic has not been translated)

  • Nancy Elhalfawy amazing thin' aya ahmed......kont oltely kont geet ma3ako...I wanna have a positive role in my sociaty too...

    Yesterday at 12:52pm

  • Submit

    Ahmed HassanHassan eslas eshtaoum eyoummels ameesosy ebosyreshtarekyvfel ... ha3melha3melek inite.. we keep being updated, fel pafelbta3etbta eteel beyt7abeyttadedand place and job


  • Submit

    Nancy Elhalfawy peElhalfawyn.......can i bring my friends too?

    Yesterday at 12:57pm

  • Submit

    Ahmed Hassan SURE THING Hassanis thing is completely expandable .... everyone is more than welcomed

    Yesterday welcomedYesterday

  • Submit

    aled Ahmed El-naKhaled was a Grenadiay :D :D

    Yesterday at 1:0DYesterday

  • Submit

    exi Taylor God Bless all of you.

    Yesterday at 1:43pm

  • Submit

    Mohammed Nofel http://wMohammedoNofelm/event.php?eid=191282094234529
    this is our event , join to us

    Yesterday at 2:00pm

  • Submit

    usYesterdayd Nofel ‎7 tan ya MohammedtNofeloooooooool

    Yesterday at loooooooooolYesterdayding...

  • Submit

    GhapersonLoading ahmed ana kamaGhadira asNawawylahmedlana kaman 3aizaeasharkwplza be a pawento nazleenlz plz

    11 hours ago

  • Submit

    Ahmed plzsplzGhadir ... fo2 fe link bta3 elHassan Ghadir ... fob3fe3aleh btaarel el ma3btawna makan feen alehwenhardaselab3atlewelamakan2feen :D

    11 hoana isA

  • Submit

    atlekbardoa2oleka Kyriacou loaaaaaads of juTeddybear

    ours aKyriacou

Enjoy the slide show!


  • Mohammed Nofel 4 years ago

    Thanks to Examiner and a very very big thanks to you Aimee , realy yours cover to our event will Encourage my team and raised their Morale and will Encourage alot of youths to join to us to clean all over our lovely Egypt

  • Profile picture of Ashraf Shehata
    Ashraf Shehata 4 years ago

    OOOOMMMMGGGGG I'm speechless , we're doin the best and here it is our reward :) LOOOVE YOU MA TEAM . Love you BE Positive :) :)

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    i'm so proud of a team love u guys :)

  • dona Elsharkawy 4 years ago

    OMG !!!! i'm so haaaapppy :)) thxxx sooo much.....i'm so proud of a team ... love u guys :))

  • Riham 4 years ago

    During this revolution really i felt so proud of being egyptian and that we can really do more things to develop our beloved country egypt
    i am really so happy and proud of all the team
    thanks a lot for the person who wrote this and shared with us our happiness

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    OMG i'am so happy and proud of being egyptian :)

  • omar magdy 4 years ago

    OMG i'am proud of being egyptian :) love our team :)

  • ahmed ghareeb 4 years ago

    I am very happy that our voice arrived to people, and that our message has reached them to know that Egypt's youth is not youth who sabotage only, but they Reconstruction country Egypt in order to be in the best case to prove to the other countries that egypt is the mother of world

  • Ahmed Fahmy 4 years ago

    WoooW wasn't expecting that :D :D thnx a lot Amiee
    and i'm really glad to be in the team ( love u guys) ,

    proud to be Egyptian ,,,,, "BE POSTIVE" team !!, we rock !! :D

  • mahmoud yehia 4 years ago

    i'm so proud to be egyption and member of the positive team

  • ibrahim fanaky 4 years ago

    no words can explain my happiness about this
    egyptian and proud

  • shimaa atef mettwaly 4 years ago

    OMG ! i can't believe it ..i'm so proud of a teamwork

  • Sisy 4 years ago

    1st I'd like to give a very special thanks to Aimee and also I wanna say that this team really deserve it and we guys are really something........ proud to be with u guys and "Be positive" Team ROCKS :)

  • mahmoud hosni 4 years ago

    بصراحة والله العظيم انوا فخر شباب مصر وانا نفسي انضم ليكم

  • enas mohamed 4 years ago

    i'am so happy 4 being one of this teaaaaaaaam
    and i'am proud to be egyption bgddddddddd

  • Samir Ghaneem 4 years ago

    That's a great move. Clean the country from all sorts of rubbish

  • Fouad Alaa 4 years ago

    Sure I am broud to be Egyption and i regret because i cant join with them before

  • Maroo Arsenal 4 years ago

    I'am proud to be one of this groupe we hope to do more and more cause we are Egyptians

  • hassan aly 4 years ago

    it is our duty fro our country

  • ahmed eldakrory 4 years ago's adream....thanks for that soo much. that's only the beggining wait for us after one or two years...

  • elsayed saleh 4 years ago

    that's our spirit that's our encouragement we are Egyptians with all of my respect and love for the great team and for the publisher of this statue

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