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Egypt's Savior Destroys Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt's Savior Destroys Muslim Brotherhood
facebook AbdelFattah Elsisi - عبد الفتاح السي

Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, Egypt's interim president has announced that the Muslim Brotherhood will never return again. Now el-Sissi is running in the presidential election and looks like he will become the new elected president of Egypt. Some are going to go as far and say he is Egypt's savior.

It was el-Sissi who as military chief ousted former President Morsi for bringing Muslim Brotherhood members into his cabinet and other high ranking positions. This in turn brought riots and fighting between Brotherhood members and the military last summer. When Morsi was arrested and el-Sissi took control of the country many thought that this would be a good thing.

Since the riots of last summer the police and military have been rounding up members of the Muslim Brotherhood and within the last two months some 1,400 members have been sentenced to death in mock trials. The trials did not allow for defendants to speak for themselves, the defendants would be brought before the judges and sentenced. We used to call them monkey trials.

The United States has since distanced themselves from el-Sissi and Egypt and the Egyptians have been running to Russia for military and financial aid help. Reminds you the old days doesn't it?

The 86 year old organization had for the last three years increased in size and political strength. After the ouster of former President Mubarak, the brotherhood gained support and it was with Morsi that it had started to actually run the country.

Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi will more than likely win in the elections this month for president. He has been hailed a hero of sorts for the removal of the Muslim Brotherhood. The only problem to be seen by all of this is that Egypt will more than likely return to a military dictatorship even though he will be elected into office. Another sore spot for the United States is the long standing friendship that we have been experiencing with Egypt all these years. Egypt contacting the Russians for aid shows that the friendship is strained and possibly lost for some time to come or when they need us again because Russia told them no about something. Egypt- flip flops very easily.