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Egypt Pyramid Uncovered: Latest discovery of pyramid before Giza

An Egypt pyramid uncovered in the city of Edfu is said to be 4,000-years-old, according to archaeologists. It was reportedly "built decades before the Great Pyramid at Giza," a Feb. 3 by UPI reported

The newest Egyptian pyramid is the seventh "provincial" one found -- all made before Giza. The latest Egypt pyramid uncovered is a solid-step kind. They have been found in different places throughout the nation..and are nearly identical. It was noted in the report that step pyramids were not intended for burials of royalty and did not have an inner chamber like those of the Giza pyramids. Archaeologists speculate that they may have been used as monuments to Egypt's living royalty.

Researchers discovered a spot near one of the more recently discovered pyramid's sides that might have been used for food offerings. 50 years after it was constructed, it seemed to have been abandoned. This probably had something to do with concentrating on pyramids at Giza.

The new Egypt pyramid uncovered is 16-feet tall. When it complete, its height likely reached over 40-feet.

This finding is exciting news in the science world as well as human history. A 4,000-year-old Egypt pyramid uncovered by archaeologists is a significant find.

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