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Egypt native in Great Falls speaks on Muslim Brotherhood arrest

Riots continue in Egypt.
Riots continue in Egypt.
Photo by Ed Giles/Getty Images

While Egyptians continue protesting the arrest of Muslim Brotherhood spiritual guide, Mohammed Badie, one Great Falls resident has been anxiously watching the situation from his Montana home.

Hany Armanazy, 41, grew up in Alexandria, Egypt, and spent the last 16 years in Montana.

Hany recalled, “I grew up afraid to say anything. Like don’t get involved in any politics because you speak politics and you get in jails you get interrogated, some people get torture.”

Hany still has family in Alexandria and Cairo, and is forced to watch the country crumble from across the globe.

His wife Tammie said, “I feel a lot of turmoil for him, he is really struggling with this. He is so proud of his freedom that he has here and he just wants that for his family and everybody back in Egypt.”

And after years of being afraid, the Egyptian native is finally using the only weapon he has: his voice.

Hany said, “I just got to speak up…to say what I have seen and lived and heard. If this did not reach the media here, nothing would have ever happened. It would have been water under the bridge, he would have it all controlled, nobody would hear about it.”

But through all the pain and suffering, Hany hopes to enlighten others about the freedoms often taken for granted in America.

Hany said, “People don’t realize what they got – I lived on the other side, I know how it is.”

Tammie chimed in, “Things I have taken for granted my whole life, I have seen through his eyes for the first time.”

And while his loved ones fight a battle back in Egypt, Hany does his part in America by speaking out and telling his story: “I wish to every Egyptian citizens to have what I have. This is the only thing you have to do for yourself and for your kids. This way you be proud of what you are doing.”

With the transit of Uranus into Aries, many things will be pushed aside for the new growth, including governments.

Egypt is in a time of complicated turmoil, the planet Uranus will usher in a time of internal and international turmoil for many Middle East nations.

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