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Egypt detains suspected spy bird

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A man in Egypt noticed a suspicious bird equipped with a device on its leg, and he thought it might be a spy bird. According to an Aug. 31 report on, the bird was taken to the police station where it is still being detained.

The police were puzzled by the device, too. Officials called in some veterinary experts who determined it was part of a French wildlife tracking project that studied the migratory paths of these birds. While the bird, found a few hundred miles from Cairo, was originally reported to be a swan, photographs of the long-legged suspect show what appears to be a stork.

The bird may soon be released back into the wild. Its device, which was found to be neither a weapon nor a spying device, was not functional once it left French airspace.

With the recent military coup in Egypt, people remain slightly on edge. Any foreign or suspicious activity generates a sense of concern and often an overreaction.

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