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eGlobalTech says IT security in cloud computing is crucial

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Leading management and IT consulting firm eGlobalTech calls IT security crucial for modern day organizations and businesses.

eGlobalTech says IT Security in Cloud Computing is Crucial

eGlobalTech is a leader in the field of management and IT consulting. Over the past several years, they and others in the IT industry have seen IT security grow from a fledgling enterprise to one of the most important types of security in the world of modern day government, organizations, and businesses. IT, or information technology, involves everything from the computers that people use to share information to the telephones, tablets, and other devices that they use to stay connected.

Technology has truly changed the way that proper security is conducted for private organizations, nonprofits, financial institutions, and even government bodies. Paper documents that could be kept under lock and key in the past are now being stored and transmitted electronically, where they are subjected to a host of other dangers, including malicious attacks via computer viruses and theft by hacking. As technology becomes an ever more important part of business and government, proper IT security becomes even more critical in protecting people from potential dangers.

If information is corrupted or lost, an organization can find itself at serious risk. In addition to losing the trust of clients and customers, the organization could be subject to lawsuits and other repercussions. So what are organizations to do when it is necessary to keep confidential information safe?

The answer might not be as simple as many organizations might think. Technology is changing all the time, and the IT security solutions of yesterday have already taken a backseat to the best new innovations in the IT world. Not too long ago, the optimal method of information storage was on external hard drives. Now, even corporate heavyweights such as Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo! have begun to utilize cloud-based servers as their main method of data storage.

When a company or organization is looking for an optimal IT security solution, it is usually in their best interest to contact a company such as eGlobalTech that specializes in the newest and best security solutions available.

According to the IT security specialists at this company, services offered can range from Security Program Management and Cyber Operations to FedRAMP Advisory Services, Identity and Access Management services, and much more, with new services being developed and offered on a consistent basis as needs arise in the IT field. However, the rise of cloud-based computing means that this type of security is becoming one of the most important to the modern day business or organization.

eGlobalTech Discusses the Growing Trend of Cloud Based Computing and Security

Cloud based computing and security comes with a host of advantages that has led to its rising prominence in the IT field. There are a number of reasons for this. Understanding the advantages of cloud computing is the first step toward organizations and businesses substantially increasing their IT security profile. Some of the biggest benefits of Cloud based computing include:

Increased Space

The most noticeable advantage of storing information in the Cloud is the incredible amount of storage space that it offers. Even the biggest of external hard drives simply are not capable of providing what the Cloud has to offer in sheer capacity, making it possible for a business or organization to effortlessly store all its information.

Easy Accessibility

With Cloud Security, an IT expert can access information from anywhere in the world that they are located, so long as they have the appropriate encryption details. That means that businesses can operate from virtually any location.

Advanced Information Protection

Any hard drive copy of a business or organization’s information is subject to potential risks or damage. Cloud computing gives a second life to information, ensuring that it remains protected even in the event of disaster.
One thing to note is that with these benefits come a host of new risks that IT experts must take into consideration when working to protect their clients. Predators are always on the search for new ways to access information and exploit it for their own purposes. IT security experts are therefore always looking for new measures to offer support to their clients to ensure the continued protection of their data. Some of these measures include:

Deterrent Controls

One of the first tasks of any IT security expert working within the cloud is to put measures in place to restrict the unauthorized access of data. Making it more difficult to access information in the Cloud is a simple but effective measure, as most thieves would rather move on to an easier target.

Preventative Controls

It is not always possible to completely prevent unauthorized access to data within the Cloud. However, IT security experts can ensure that the damage done in these situations is as minimal as possible. By stopping the outflow of information even if a security system is breached, IT security experts can prevent damage and quickly work to resolve such situations.

Corrective Controls

In the event that a Cloud-based data system is breached, IT security experts are able to move in and counteract the situation even as it is occurring. In addition to stopping the outflow of information and preventing its extraction, experts are able to identify the source of the attack and correct it before more damage occurs.

Detective Controls

One of the key features of quality IT security in a Cloud-based system is constant vigilance. Proper detection measures ensure that security experts are aware of high-risk situations as soon as possible. This can ensure that preventative and corrective measures are taken immediately to resolve the situation.

These types of IT systems are advancing at a rapid pace. As an increasing number of businesses and organizations adopt Cloud-based systems for their convenience and the protections that they offer, IT teams continue to improve their security capabilities.

eGlobalTech, a leading management and IT consulting firm, provides a number of services including business and IT transformation and cyber security to the Federal Government. eGlobalTech is based in Arlington, Virginia.



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