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Eggs, the inexpensive superfood

Eggs provide an inexpensive base to a healthy diet
Eggs provide an inexpensive base to a healthy diet

The supplement stores are full of products that are advertised to be super foods. These often expensive supplements are touted as helping boost the immune system and provide energy and help the body function better. One of the best and cheapest super foods is often overlooked, eggs.

The common chicken egg is tremendous source of nutrition. While many condemn the factory farms that provide most eggs, even organic free range eggs are inexpensive both economically and environmentally, compared to most other protein sources. Eggs had a special place in Traditional Chinese medicine. Eggs, along with seeds and nuts were seen to be especially nourishing to the body since they contained the spark of life. Seeds and eggs both contain all the nutrition necessary to produce a new life.

As a food source eggs contain all the protein, nutrients, and base components to build a body. Those same materials and chemical components are useful in the human body for cell repair and overall maintenance of the human body. No other food source provides such complete nutrition in such a useful inexpensive package. When the human body is well nourished, the immune system, general healing and overall function of the body is improved, this makes eggs one of the best super foods around.

Many people have been lead to believe that egg consumption should be limited because of concerns about cholesterol. Cholesterol is an important component to tissue repair in the body. The human body makes cholesterol and will take in cholesterol from food as needed. The bigger concern about cholesterol is the over consumption of saturated fats which are converted into unneeded cholesterol in the body. Research has demonstrated that the cholesterol in eggs does not raise blood cholesterol levels. This is not to say that a person should only eat eggs, a varied diet is still important. Eggs do however provide a readily available base for a healthy diet.