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Eggs a dieters friend

Marion Tomlinson

Eggs are now considered a diet friendly food.  Not so many years ago, we were told to stay away from them or only eat the whites in moderation.  Now, we are told to eat a protein rich breakfast to help us make healthy eating choices throughout the day.  Eggs contain vitamins and minerals, high quality protein and they are low in calories.  It is also less expensive to buy a carton of eggs than all of these processed diet meals that are offered now.

Starting your day with scrambled eggs, a piece of wheat toast and juice is a healthy start.  It does become boring though.  Change it around a little so you actually look forward to breakfast.  Keep a low fat shredded cheese on hand.  Keep chopped lean meat, maybe left-overs from the previous night.  Scramble your eggs and add a small amount of meat and cheese, salt and pepper.  Wrap everything up in a whole wheat tortilla or eat on whole wheat toast.  This is a simple idea you've heard many times but try it.  It works!

Looking for new egg ideas will start your day off right.  Check out recipes at Mr. Breakfast, or at the incredible edible egg.  However you fix eggs, keep it light and healthy.  Stay away from adding butter or cream.  Don't fry the eggs.  Scrambling, poaching or boiling are the best ways.  You will be amazed at how good you feel by starting your day with eggs.