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Eggcellent Easter items at Boston's Hotel Chocolat

Eggcellency Egg by Hotel Chocolat
Eggcellency Egg by Hotel Chocolat
Hotel Chocolat

Easter is less than a month away, and Boston will be celebrating this spring holiday with tons of holiday candy.  Eggs are the symbol of rebirth with chicks emerging from the shells.  Few chocolatiers embrace the beauty of Easter better than UK's Hotel Chocolat. For the season, the luxury cocoa grower featured some truly eye-catching and gorgeous arrangements of chocolate bunnies, chicks and magnificent eggs of all sizes, with some that bear gifts inside. Unique flavors stand out like pralines, Arabica coffee, pistachios, ginger, orange, and hazelnut to name a few. Don't be "any bunny" this season, put down those oh-so-ordinary jellybeans and marshmallows- and get the ultimate gifts for your Bunny.

Two Boston stores: Newbury Street and The Mall at Chestnut Hill. Chocolates are available online 24/7 at

Below are some Easter chocolate items that I thought were incredibly special and wanted to share:

Easter Lolly - Charming engraved chicks on a stick in both 40% cocoa milk and 70% dark chocolate versions. Alcohol free. $5

Egg Sandwiches- Made of serious chocolate, this Egg Sandwich is fun to give and guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face. Available in Dreamy Creamy Caramel, Chili and Orange and Full-on-Dark Chocolate versions. $15

Scrambled Eggs - Simply elegant, fun, contemporary works of art, these designer chocolate eggs are accompanied by tantalizing filled chocolates. Available in 40% Milk, Caramel, 70% Cocoa Dark Chocolate, and White Chocolate. $35

Giant Chocolate Eggs - From 6-inch tall extra thick chocolate eggs with eggs-cellent names like The Eggsibitionist and Serious Dark Fix to nearly 12-inch tall Ostrich-sized eggs, crack open these gorgeous chocolate shells to discover a selection of filled chocolates and treats. Extra Thick: $50, Ostrich: $140.

Didi's note: Chocolate items are guaranteed fresh, and ship on time to be enjoyed at their very best.  Happy Easter!


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