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Egg Hunt at Disneyland

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Share the joy of an egg hunt with your children at Disneyland this Spring holiday season. Special Disney characters are featured on the eggs as you travel through the Magic Kingdom to find all the eggs on the map.
Purchase your egg hunt map at selected stores inside Disneyland. Some of the stores that have the maps are Pieces of Eight and Pooh Corner. Ask any cast member for the closest store to start the egg hunt. You receive the map and stickers to complete the hunt.
The Disneyland Egg Hunt map has designated places to add the stickers once you find the eggs. The locations are listed so you can find the eggs easily, such as the Walt Disney statue. The Walt Disney statue is located at the end of Main Street in front of the castle. An egg is located in that area.
Once you arrive in an egg area, it’s easy to find the egg. There are many egg hunters. The eggs are out in the open to make it easy for children to find them. Many of the eggs are on the ground.
While it’s extra special if you find all the eggs, you don’t have to complete the map to get the prize. Once you’re done hunting eggs stop by the redemption center on Main Street to select your prize. Prizes are selected by the winners who chose from three eggs offered on the table.
The Disneyland Egg Hunt is great fun and a memorable activity that will keep children occupied and happy each time they find an egg. The map costs about $5.00 plus tax.

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