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Egg-free Easter eggs for dyeing

Now everyone can have fun dyeing Easter eggs
Geri-Jean Blanchard (geri-jean) on

Is your child allergic to eggs? Are you vegan? You can now still participate in the tradition of dyeing colored Easter eggs, thanks to an egg-free product from EggNots.

The creator of EggNots came up with the idea after a family member was diagnosed with an egg allergy, but they all still wanted to share in the holiday bonding experience. EggNots are ceramic eggs that can be dyed using traditional methods, such as boiling water, white vinegar, and food coloring. They are vegan-friendly, using no animal by-products. They are allergen-friendly, as they contain absolutely no egg products. Because they are inedible, they do not require refrigeration and can be used as decorations for years to come. They can even be used for other crafting projects beyond Easter egg decorations!

You can order directly from the manufacturer's website. Currently a dozen eggs runs $15.95 and twelve dozen is discounted to $159.50.

Read a review on Ecorazzi about how well these ceramic eggs work.

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