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EFTU training comes to New England

Craig Weiner, DC, and Alina Frank are offer EFTU training in Massachusetts
Craig Weiner, DC, and Alina Frank are offer EFTU training in Massachusetts
Alina Frank

Are you interested in learning clinical emotional freedom techniques (EFT) tapping? This is the exact tapping process that has been validated in numerous scientific studies. For the first time, EFT Universe is presenting a live workshop in New England where you can learn clinical EFT and start the EFT certification process.

Trainers Alina Frank and Craig Weiner, DC, are offering two programs in August:

  • EFT Tapping Training Certification Level 1, Aug. 29-30, at the Clarion Hotel in Northampton, Mass. In this workshop, participants learn the basics behind the art and science of EFT, and learn and practice the tapping process.
  • EFT Tapping Training Certification Level 2, Aug. 31-Sept. 1, at the Clarion Hotel, Northampton, Mass. This workshop reviews and expands upon the basics taught in Level 1. The trainers teach additional techniques to broaden participants' repertoire, enhance their ability to work with different types of clients and expand their ability to work with deeper issues.

Here Frank answers questions from about the training programs:

Q: Why should people consider EFT training or consider supplementing their existing healing or coaching training with EFT?

This is the first step in the certification process, and it is offered by the largest training organization in the United States. Even people who are familiar with tapping say they can't believe how much they learn in live workshops with trained coaches who give them on-the-spot feedback and coaching. It's also a great opportunity for people to work on themselves and their own issues. Some professionals can earn Continuing Education Credits by attending the workshops.

Q: What can people who attend the event expect?

A: People can expect to learn clinical EFT based on the research. We will cover how participants can work with themselves and others on cravings/addictions, emotional distress, trauma, fears/phobias, abundance issues and more.

Q: Who might want to consider attending the event?

A: We specialize in teaching healing arts professionals, including therapists, life coaches, and those who want to get certified in EFT tapping.

Q: How do you describe EFT?

A: EFT is a cutting-edge personal development and healing modality that is being used by everyone from professional sports teams to former child soldiers in Africa. This simple-to-apply tool uses counter conditioning to dampen the fight-flight-freeze response. It's been scientifically shown to reduce cortisol levels immediately.

For more information about the upcoming programs, click here.

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