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EFT workshops and certification through new organization

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques workshops are the best place to learn how to apply this healing modality for personal or professional use. The live EFT workshops offer a safe environment where one can practice the art of delivering EFT effectively while understanding the science behind this method. Craig Weiner, DC, EFT trainer, sees a huge difference between students that have learned EFT on their own versus those that spend time at a real EFT training workshop, "While there's much that can be learned by independent study the key to excellence comes from being observed, corrected, challenged with masterful feedback from a trainer. The problem is that we don't know what we don't know- that can be a serious problem when learning a new skill."

There are a few organizations that offer EFT certification and EFT training. The newest one is through the Alternative Healthcare Professionals (AHP). Although this is a new organization it is made up of longtime well-experienced five star top EFT trainers. Workshops will start rounding out throughout the United States, and the United Kingdom. EFT certification workshops will include beginner level (level 1) for self-application, advanced level (level 2) for those wishing to use it professionally. In the coming year other EFT workshop offerings will include level 3, specialty workshops such as Matrix Reimprinting, master level trainings, and training of EFT trainers.

Seattle EFT workshop facilitators at the EFT Tapping Training organization plan on holding their first AHP EFT workshop level 1 in the Seattle region on May 2nd followed by level 2 on May 3rd and 4th.

Level 1 includes: Theory and Science behind EFT Basic Long Version Basic Short Cut How to Apply EFT on Physical Issues How to Apply EFT on Addictions and Craving How to Apply EFT on Fears and Phobias How to Apply EFT on Traumas Explanation of the Foundational Concepts The Tell the Story Technique The EFT Movie Technique Demonstrations and Practice Sessions

Level 2 includes: Review of Level 1 Material The 3 Gentle Techniques What to Do When it Appears to Not be Working How to Apply EFT to Resolving Negative Belief Systems How to Uncover and Resolve Core Issues Demonstrations and Practice Sessions

Both EFT workshops will offer continuing education credits, without additional charges, for a variety of healthcare professions including social workers, acupuncturists, massage therapists and bodyworkers. Attending live EFT workshops and trainings is the first crucial step in becoming an EFT certified practitioner. Other steps include hiring a mentor, practice sessions, review of case studies, personal hours working on one's own issues, required reading, and an online test.

For more information about upcoming EFT workshops and trainings in the Seattle area visit

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