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EFT certification training

Emotional Freedom Techniques, otherwise known as the tapping technique, is offered in a variety of formats. One can learn the basic steps from the popular EFT Manual however when considering applying EFT tapping in a professional capacity one should seriously consider certification through one of the organizations that conduct live in person EFT workshops. EFT workshops are offering on a regular basis in the Seattle area by EFT Tapping Training. EFT Tapping Training offers healing arts practitioners an opportunity to learn EFT tapping while attaining continuing education hours for many different professions.

The live EFT tapping workshops offer students excellent real-time practice sessions where they can receive immediate feedback from highly trained EFT trainers. Following a live EFT Level 1 and 2 workshop additional work is required for completion of certification. One of the requirements for certification for both the Alternative Healthcare Professionals (AHP) and EFT Universe (EFTU) is a review of a case study by a mentor. Mentors are hired to review the quality of work done by students and when a sufficient skill level is reached the mentor then recommends their students for certification.

Case studies give practitioners a real experience of solving an issue for a client while they are still learning and grounding the knowledge they acquired during the EFT workshops. One of the ways that EFT Tapping Training has made the process of case study review easier is through their quarterly Practice Days. Practice Days are offered in a casual relaxed atmosphere where all students attending have an opportunity to be evaluated by their peers as well as their mentor. If the student passes the observation by the mentor, they may count this observed session as one of their case studies. Typically a case study would require between 2 and 6 sessions for a practitioner to completely resolve an issue for a client but that's not necessary when the session is live in person.

The next Practice Day in the Seattle area will be September 13th from 9 until 4:30 pm at the home of EFT Tapping Training facilitators Alina Frank and Craig Weiner, DC. Reservations can be made by contacting them directly through their website here

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