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Efficient broadheads for better arrow penetration

The Muzzy Phantom.
The Muzzy Phantom.

If you want to increase arrow penetration this season but do not want to alter your sights from purchasing heavier arrows, just try going to a superior broadhead. A true cut-on-impact broadhead, that is extremely sharp, will get results.

The Steel Force on the left is an excellent design but could be stronger at the tip. The Magnus traditional, when properly sharpened is a proven killer.
Robert Clark

Modern compound bows, even at short draw lengths, carry plenty of energy to harvest an elk set at the legal draw weight. True, a heavier arrow will penetrate better at longer distances, but at short distances, say 10 to 30 yards, the difference is negligible with a shot to the vitals.

The following broadheads have sharp cutting surfaces from tip to tail with low drag properties. Two bladed broadheads show overall better pentration in tests than three bladed broadheads. The sample of broadheads presented in this article represent a strong tip design as to avoid breaking off when hitting bone. Four bladed broadheads perform nearly as well as the two blades.

The list is not in any particular order of superiority: Magnus Stingers, Dirtnaps, Grizzly Stik broadheads, Slik Trick Razortrick, Muzzy Phantom. There are other brands and designs that are of the same family and will do very well. This small sample should help as a guide in finding a highly efficient broadhead.