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Effective Ways to Brighten your Life with LED Strip Lights

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In current markets LED Strip Lights are quickly proving to be a popular, effective and dynamic way of improving and accentuating interior design, as well as being a brilliant tool for highlighting, decoration and health and safety.

Their popularity also stems from their unique ability to flex and shape into whatever style suits the designer and the added bonus of low energy consumption, which with current energy costs is always a positive aspect. They can be found in a variety of shapes, colours, lengths and sizes which you can tailor to fit your needs; helpful online retailers can provide clear, useful information and detail as well to ensure you shop for the right lights.

So once you have found the lights you desire, what are some of the effective ways you can use them?

Interior Design

The most popular use for LED Strip Lights is in the home!

You can use a variety of different coloured strips to create effective mood lighting, be it a fresh, vibrant green around a patio door in summer to match the garden in full bloom. Or a moody blue for late evenings - a section of lights along the coving of your living room wall or exposed beams overhead can create a calm, relaxed atmosphere to perfectly match a dinner party or a quiet night in with your partner.

The indirect light means the low glare won’t be overpowering or unsightly, what it will do is give your home a modern edge that is personal to you; ultimately making your house your own.

Parties and Functions

If you work in the entertainment industry or are planning a part or function then LED Strip Lights can hugely improve your upcoming event.

Using a variety of colours around amplifiers, DJ booths and stage corners will provide added and impressive visual stimuli for the audience to go hand in hand with your performance. These little touches won’t make you the main headline act at Glastonbury, but will make you stand out from the crowd – which could earn you more publicity, more gigs and more money!

Similarly, rather than spending ridiculous amounts of your hard earned cash on overpriced and often low quality light shows from external companies, simply add some bright and vibrant coloured LED Strip Lights around the area or function room you’ve hired which again won’t blind your family and friends but will provide that personal touch to make your event all the more memorable.

Health and Safety

Another effective practical use for LED Strip Lights is in the workplace.

Health and Safety regulations are an imperative part of any established place of work and the lights could provide illumination for:

  • Highlighting hidden steps down or guidance for staircases
  • Directions for Fire Exits or other emergency exits
  • Using colour coding to indicate levels of danger on entrances
  • Providing low light for signs and information

The importance of employee well-being is paramount anywhere and if you are looking for an effective way to keep your staff safe LED Strip Lights can offer the protection you need so your company doesn’t become another statistic.