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Effective sales techniques will give you an edge in the current job market - Part I order to get the job you desire in these economic conditions, it is important to set yourself apart. You have to properly promote yourself and sell the knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s) you have that are relevant to the position you are applying for. It takes a good sales person to understand how to align KSA’s with the job you are looking for. You may be thinking, I am not a sales person, so this does me no good. Well you are in luck. Below you will be given a list of characteristics and behaviors that describe  a good sales person and how to use these characteristics and behaviors in your job search. 

Good Sales People:
• Listen and observe their customer's, before attempting to make a sell
• They build relationships and learns the customers interest and desires 

Listen and observe their customers, before attempting to make a sell.
As a job applicant, your "customer" would be the company you are applying for.  It is your job to review the job description or job posting as thoroughly as possible.  If you know people that work for the company ask them what the hiring manager is looking for.  This will allow you to tailor your resume to fit what the company is looking for.  Please notice the word used, is tailored not embellish.  As you are studing the job description/posting find the most relevant experiences and duties from you past jobs and be sure you list them as the top few bullet points under your achievements or jobs duties on your resume.  Listening and observing also entails following directions on how to apply.  If the posting says, "please no phone calls", then don't contact them by phone.  If it says, "please include salary history", then make sure you add your salary history to your submission.   The quickest way to be "screened out" of the application process is to not follow directions.

They build relationships and learn the customer's interest and desires
For an applicant, this may be difficult to do, there is no real face-to-face interaction until you are selected to interviewed.  The best way to build a relationship is by being very familiar with the job posting and researching the company.  Use the internet as a valuable resource in researching the company.  If the company is publicly traded there is plenty of information about the company, its financial data and the senior management because they are required to report it to the Securities Exchange Committee.  If the company you are applying for is publicly traded you can either go to their website or go to and get almost all the information you need about the company.  Research the mission and vision and in your cover letter briefly discuss how you can help the company achieve both.