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Effect ways of setting goals

Effect ways of setting goals
Effect ways of setting goals
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Everybody harbors ambitions both personal and professional and labors throughout their lives to achieve them. It is very important to set goals to decide the path to take in the course of life. It would be mindless to dream and aspire without creating goals and trying to achieve them. In fact, it is when these goals are fulfilled that we feel inspired and motivated to work even harder. Goals thus should be both short term and long term.

Following points will tell you how to strategist and fix goals according to priorities in life.

• Long term goals- Everybody should have a clear idea about what s/he wants to be in life. This will be the ultimate and long term goal of your life. When you learn to recognize this, your trajectory will automatically be directed towards that goal. It will keep you focused and guide your decision making process. You must have an idea about where you want to see yourself in the next 10 or 20 years and how you hope to attain such position.

• Setting short term goals- When you are aware of exactly what you want to achieve in your life, you should break that ambition into smaller, specific and achievable steps that you must work upon every day. For example, if you want to have a certain career, you must analyze and understand what are the practical necessities that will get you there. In such case you must be aware of the educational qualifications required and work upon them accordingly. If you have romantic ambitions, then you have to consider the type of relationship you would be comfortable in, the type of partner that you would prefer and how you plan to lead your life with him/her.

• Achievability of goals- While setting goals it is important to be practical and conscious about how much achievable they are. This is perhaps the most important aspect of setting goals. Objectives in life should never be vague but very specific and unambiguous. They should be measurable and quantifiable such that you can evaluate your progress. You should know your own capabilities and how much you can achieve with the resources and opportunities available to you. If you are nurturing unrealistic and unattainable goals then you are bound to experience failure. Also every goal should be time bound and you must try to fulfill them within the targeted span.

• Sorting out priorities- It is humanly impossible for any person to try and execute everything together. Thus at any specific point of time if you find that you have multiple goals in your hands, you must choose more crucial and time-sensitive ones methodically. None of the tasks will be effectively completed if you try to handle all of them at once.

• Assessment of progress- Any ambitious person is expected to regularly appraise and evaluate personal as well as professional progress. Maintaining a diary or journal could be helpful for this purpose. This will sustain motivation and push you to work harder towards your goal.

• Reward yourself- Celebrate and congratulate yourself when you achieve a goal. Ample hurdles have to be crossed each time you realize a dream which definitely deserves appreciation.

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