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Eeyore's Birthday 2009


The famous Eeyore statue

If you haven't heard of Eeyore's Birthday Party yet, you've just missed it. It was April 25, 2009. But the next Eeyore's Birthday is only 357 days away, which gives you plenty of time to get your costume together.

For those new to Austin who haven't heard of Eeyore's before, this festival goes from 11am to dark and tends to annually fall on the last Saturday in April at Pease Park. Though it isn't actually the same day as the birthday of the character from the Winnie-the-Pooh stories that inspired the day (the possibly clinically depressed donkey that thought that everyone had forgotten his birthday just to be surprised with a party),  there are certainly elements of Eeyore all around, as well as modern hippies, costumes, and a very large, energetic drum circle. Going on since 1963, this event also features live music, food, beer, and other beverages. Proceeds go to non-profit organizations.

Parking at Pease Park is next to impossible (unless you're good at parallel parking in areas smaller than a Miata on a steep hill [where MLK meets Lamar]) but there's always a free shuttle from a parking garage on 16th and Colorado, and attendance is also free.

Some usual day-time activities include an egg toss, a maypole, an area for hula-hooping, and a costume contest. Costume items at this event can include body paint (with often little else underneath);

The gang at Eeyore's

bikinis, scarves, or rags converted into tops; fairy wings; angel wings; strange hats; renaissance dresses; fluorescent wigs; flower garlands; pirate garb; and more. Often Leslie makes an appearance wearing some form of skirt and this year was no exception: He was seen sporting a cheerleading uniform.

Although this event is frequented by children and families it does have a certain amount of recreational "smoking" barely hidden up in the woods, and cops seem to turn a blind eye, which is odd. But what do you expect? This is Austin.  

For more information or to see pictures of this year's costumes, visit the official website of Eeyore's Birthday: