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Amazing character resemblance of Ponce de Leon by Miles Christian-Hart (Photos)

On June 22, 2014, after the shooting of a video for the film "The 4th Letter of Ponce de Leon," actor Miles Christian-Hart stated his connection with the film, and his resemblance of the principal character, conquistador Juan Ponce de Leon. Christian-Hart resides in Sarasota, Fla., and he has been recently shooting on film sets in Naples and Marco Island.

Miles on set as Juan Ponce de Leon
Miles as Mr. Ponce, Photo: Courtesy, used with permission
Miles Christian-Hart
Miles Christian-Hart as cowboy, Photo: Courtesy, used with permission

From June 20-22, an incentive video has been in production for the "The 4th Letter" film. Its writer and producer is Richard Watts, and it was easy to see why Watts chose Miles Christian-Hart to portray the Spanish explorer!

According to Watts, the film's story is based on certain aspects of the discoveries of the legendary Ponce de Leon in the New World during the early 1500's. So of course they needed someone to fit that role of Mr. Ponce, as he is "titled" in the film script.

When searching for that perfect actor, Christian-Hart's look seemed to fit the bill. Of course it wasn't just his look that got him the film role, but it didn't hurt. Apparently, how he was discovered was that Austin Graham, a real life relative to Ponce de Leon, knew a Jose Gueits, a historian and reinactor. Gueits told her about the film, Graham met Richard Watts, and told Watts about Miles, and as she, Austin Graham, said: "The rest is history!"

From Christian-Hart's naturally long dark hair, his ancestorial history, ability to speak Spanish, craftmanship of designing and creating his own Mr. Ponce wardrobe, and more, it is easy to see that this actor is the perfect choice when it comes to portraying Ponce de Leon!

"The 4th Letter of Ponce de Leon" might be in its pre-production stage, however it continues shooting its video. The purpose of the video is to help launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The campaign's goal is to cultivate an audience and collect funds to shoot a concept trailer.

Inside on set, most of which had air conditioning, was a plus for those actors who had to wear heavy and/or elaborate costumes/wardrobe. Christian-Hart was one of them. Even though he made his own costume, one could tell by looking at it that it was quite heavy and not the easiest thing to maneuver in.

"I don't know how my forefathers lived in these 'tin cans.' As a result of it, they nicknamed me 'Clank' on set!" - Miles Christian-Hart

"Being" Mr. Ponce is not the only look Christian-Hart has created or fills the boots of. Speaking of boots, he also portrays a western themed look from the world of cowboys and indians. Looking like a tough hombre is his expertise. For readers who don't believe he can where such boots, take a gander at the slideshow!

Thanks go to Miles Christian-Hart, Austin Graham and Richard Watts for their input. Enjoy slideshow and specific links tied to the talent and film. More on all the above soon to follow!

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