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Eerie porcelain dolls mysteriously appear at California homes

Readers might remember a story about Famke Janssen finding a book about a doll mysteriously placed in her bedroom. In a similarly spooky story, police in San Clemente, CA are investigating a strange case where porcelain dolls are being left on the doorsteps of girls they eerily resemble.

Photo of one of the porcelain dolls found on the doorsteps of numerous residences in San Clemente, California. Handout photo provided by the Orange County Sheriff's Department on July 24, 2014.
Orange County Sheriff's Department

So far eight families of girls around 10 years old have reported receiving porcelain dolls that look like the girls in the Talega community. The first reports began to trickle in on June 16, 2014.

At first each family thought they were the only ones getting a surprise on their doorstep, but the stories began to circulate and it didn't take long for people to realize the dolls were appearing at several homes. It was then the families became concerned and the police were called in.

Although the police don't suspect foul play, they do see the mysterious dolls as strange and are looking into it, trying to determine if the families are connected (some of the girls go to the same school) and whether or not the dolls were homemade or bought at a local retailer.

It is possible the dolls were given as an anonymous gift simply to bring joy to the local girls, or perhaps the motive was more sinister.

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