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EEEK! Good news about news.

Brother and sister, Frank and Katharina happily reunite for a visit in Brooklyn, New York.
Brother and sister, Frank and Katharina happily reunite for a visit in Brooklyn, New York.
Photo from Katharina's personal collection.

     In Iowa, folks are pulling on their parkas! Plows are as common place as cars here in this homey little Norman Rockwell setting. The town square is still aglow as night comes in, still lit with the white lights of Christmas.  It is pretty here. Frosty the snowman would be happily viewing his Iowa news as snow truly has been a reoccurring theme. 

    Though the news is wonderfully informative for many, it may cause a reaction of unwanted stress and scary thoughts for others. So many of us choose to tune in faithfully to find out about the latest and greatest in America and across the world. If we want to know, it is there for us to see. For some of us though the news is hard to run away from. Somebody will  usually mention to you even if you have been making efforts to avoid it.

 Why are we so eager to bring the news of tragedy into our lives on a regular basis? Fires, car accidents, shootings, bombings and the latest break-ups seems to be what we are looking for at the end of a stressful work day. It is an age-old conundrum.

     It seems that a "good news" channel would be the way to go if you find yourself with some couch potato time. Relax, not all news is bad news.

Wouldn't it be nice to come home and flip on the the TV to find out who sold the highest number of Girl Scout cookies. who made that 10,000 dollar free throw at the championship game or who's mom was voted mother of the year and why. 

     This sounds like a less stressful pill to swallow, for relaxation,  at the end of your busy day. 

Sometimes it is those little things that make the biggest differences, the little foods for thought.

     Until next time, seek out some good news. 



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