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Edward Snowden still on the run seeking asylum

Whistleblower Edward Snowden is still seeking asylum wherever he can, gaining support and criticism from all over the world.

Snowden talking to a reporter
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Edward Snowden has been called everything from a 'traitor' to a 'hero,' and he's still trying to find a place to call home, at least temporarily. Snowden is being sought by U.S. authorities for blowing the cover off the NSA's invasive pursuit of information in the supposed name of 'national security.' This discovery also showed the connection with top corporations who share information with top U.S. government agencies, without the knowledge of Americans who purchase their products and services.

Last week, Snowden was in Hong Kong, until authorities sent him packing. Currently, he's docked at a Moscow airport, awaiting transport to his next destination. Snowden has requested asylum in Ecuador, but the decision could take months to finalize. In the interim, Russian officials are refusing to extradite Snowden, who is now considered a fugitive in the United States.

A U.S. senator is trying to block asylum in Ecuador for Snowden, by threatening to end special export access that has been given for goods delivered from their country. At this juncture, no travel documents have surfaced on behalf of Snowden.


Huffington Post (from Reuters)


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