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Edward Snowden patriot or traitor? How about 'Hero?'

June 5 was the one year anniversary of Edward Snowden's public outing of the NSA spying into every minute particle of our personal lives.

The only people Edward Snowden betrayed are the Professional Liars we call our National Leaders.
Rubin Report/YouTube

Yet a year later people are still debating whether Snowden should be regarded as a patriot or a traitor.

So let's make the issue as starkly clear as possible.

If a friend tells you that your lying, backstabbing, hypocritical, deceitful spouse is cheating on you do you call your friend a traitor and then go crawling back to your unfaithful spouse?

If a fellow citizen tells you that your lying, backstabbing, hypocritical, deceitful Statist political leaders are cheating on you do you call your fellow citizen a traitor and then go crawling back to your psychopathic leaders?

Government, as a matter of fact and not of opinion, is the ultimate criminal enterprise. It, like every gang from the Crips to the drug cartels to the Mafia, impose monopoly rule over a geographical area and claim a right to use everything and everyone in it for the ruler's personal benefit.

Big lickspittle statist media like the Washington Post try mightily to bury us all under the old familiar snowjob of "It's complicated."

"Did his information help shed needed sunshine into the workings of U.S. intelligence- and data-gathering?" they opined, "Or did it irreparably jeopardize current operations and put personnel at risk?"

Really? Is your spouse screwing someone else actually "complicated?"

If this country and its government really belong to "us" and not just to the ruling class then yes, the light needs to be shed. If "current operations" were "irreparably jeopardized" then maybe they damn well needed to be – are we a free society or a lying, backstabbing, hypocritical, deceitful, cheating, covert society?

If any "personnel" were put at risk it falls squarely on the head of The State for putting them at risk, not on the head of the truth-teller. That would be like blaming your truth-telling friend for your spouse's infidelity.

In short, Snowden, along with other truth-tellers like Daniel Ellsberg, Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange, has become the ultimate litmus test between big-government worshipping Statists and freedom-loving individuals.

If everything is "complicated" and there are no absolutes then Snowden and the others are neither patriots nor traitors, your spouse is neither loyal nor a cheater and your Statist political leaders are neither principled nor mendacious.

Feel free to crawl back to both your cheating spouse and your cheating government. Libertarians, meanwhile, will honor and celebrate the Snowdens of the world.

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