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Edward S. Coleman Designs

Edward S. Coleman Designs
Edward S. Coleman Designs
The model in the white dress, purple dress with scarf, and yellow dress: Bruna Lannes The model in the Green Dress, black flora

Edward S. Coleman Designs, based in Reno, Nevada, is owned by Little Rock native, Edward S. Coleman. Coleman's designs are both edgy and trendy with classic staple pieces thrown in the mix. This season you will find both men's and women's wear. Edward S. Coleman Designs have been featured in the pages of PUMP magazine and have been worn by celebrities such as Janice Dickinson. Coleman offers custom design services or you can find his latest works at PolyEsthers Costume Boutique located in the heart of midtown Reno.

Edward S. Coleman Designs
Arturo Torres Carrera of AE Photography, Makeup by Grace Avila of Make Up, Hair by Vienna Ves'sells- McKeeman and Raquel Dittman of Your Total Beauty Salon, Models are Destinee Albarran, Craig Fierro, Dustin DeVries, Bruna Lannes

Describe your line, Edward S. Coleman designs?

My current line is called The Seasons and it comes in two parts. The first half is Spring/Summer Seasons Part 1 and it is composed of twelve female and four male looks. The looks for the first half are all going to emphasize a sleek elegance while the colors themselves will be vibrant and bright. The second half, Fall/Winter Seasons Part 2, will also consist of twelve female and four male looks. Again, a sleek elegance will be the central tenant of this set. Like all my clothes, structure, fit, chicness and elegance are paramount.

You graduated from the Jamileh Kamran Fashion School in Arkansas. How important do you feel an education in fashion design has been to your success as a designer?

I feel that it is extremely important. Sewing and design are both arts and in general anyone can do either given time and effort. The importance of a design school is that it sets a minimum standard for your abilities and gives you a firm foundation to build upwards from. For me personally, I would not have been able to do what I do if I had not gone to Mrs. Kamran's school. I question and push bounds constantly and with that mindset you have to have a firm grounding, which is what I got at her school.

You moved from Little Rock to Reno to pursue your fashion career further. Has this move been instrumental in the progress of your line? In what ways?

The move has been a significant part of pursuing my career. From here, I have access to several major venues, LA Fashion week and Sacramento Fashion Week which are both huge insider trade shows. I also have access to the Bay Area and its variety of fashion shows throughout the year and there are numerous production facilities on the west coast that are within reach as well.

What have you found to be the most effective marketing tool for your brand?

I have not really pushed the bounds of marketing just yet. So far, having a high local profile has helped tremendously as well as networking with like-minded people.

What advice do you have for other emerging designers?

The advice that I would give other emerging designers is to build the network you are going to use to advance your designs and yourself from the ground up. Establish relationships with the various means of production for your designs and establish relationships with other highly skilled individuals that share similar visions and goals for their work as you do with yours. Finally, I would say always guard your own self interest and do not depend on others to do it for you.

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