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Eduction Funding Split with Charter Schools

Those who support public education have realized that the current governor is on track with his program to create and support the business model schools which are the modern day charter schools. Just as the politicians will tell you one thing and do another, there is marketing going on that is directed to the general public. If you look at the names of the up and coming charter schools they are presented as academies and what looks to be pre-cursors to college curriculums. The emphasis in some cases are aeronautical, technology, or business based environments. The ratings are somewhere around the 2 out of 10 marks for quality and there is a high turnover rate for the teaching staff. The state has provided grants in the amount of 100,000 to start a charter school. Some of the business minded people have stepped up and opened their own academy. There is no end to the creation and funding for the charter schools. They are funded also through a wing of universities including Eastern Michigan, Central Michigan, and Wayne State to name a few. This may be okay if there was research to support the quality of the education and if they adhere to the structured mandates from the State of Michigan. What about the special education students?

Dr. Pomponio

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