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Educational TV: Nutri Ventures

The bright and colorful animation on "Nurti Ventures" makes the show very visually appealing to children.
The bright and colorful animation on "Nurti Ventures" makes the show very visually appealing to children.
Marta Araújo

Recently there has been a surge of interest in ways to teach children about healthy eating habits and thus avoid the problems associated with obesity. One of the most popular ways to educate children is through entertainment and a Portuguese television series called “Nutri Ventures” has made it their mission to use entertainment as a means of teaching lessons about nutrition. Aimed at audiences between 4 and 8 years old, “Nutri Ventures” has scripts and characters that are interesting for young children; although the program can still be enjoyed by older kids too.

"Nurti Ventures" uses entertaining story lines to teach kids about eating healthy.
Marta Araújo

Produced by Nutri Ventures Corporation, “Nutri Ventures” (also known as “Nutri Ventures—The Quest for the 7 Kingdoms”) is distributed through Hulu Kids and has received much acclaim and recognition by critics, parents and children alike. In fact, after its January 2014 airing the show was one of the top 20 most viewed in its category! “Nutri Ventures” signed a deal with “Partnership for a Healthier America” and now the show will be aired in many North American classrooms. At present, “Nutri Ventures” is shown in 28 countries.

Although the themes of healthy eating are very important and serious, “Nutri Venture” has a fun atmosphere and interesting characters. The show takes place in a city where the only food source is an unhealthy chemical called “Genex 100” so the inhabitants of the city must search for healthier food options. These healthier food options exist in “7 kingdoms” that are outside of the city. The show’s main characters are children named Theo, Lena, Ben and Nina and they provide much of the show’s humor and factual information.

In addition to the television show, “Nutri Ventures” has branched out into other media such as online games and apps. This enables fans of the show to gain a more interactive and personal engagement with the franchise.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Rui Lima Miranda, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Nutri Ventures Corporation. Along with her partner, Rodrigo Carvalho, Rui created “Nurti Ventures” in 2010. This interview gave me a chance to gain deeper insight into the show and the company’s goals for the future:

Q: When did you first get the idea for “Nutri Ventures”?

As Entertainment Producers, our ambition was to build a Property that could be global. As entrepreneurs, we always dreamed of launching a business that would also be a Cause. One year after starting our own Company, Rodrigo and I started working on Nutri Ventures, among other very strong ideas. The spark for Nutri Ventures came from a Supermarket chain, our client at that time, who was desperately looking for an innovative way to promote healthy food to children. We just got drawn into this huge issue of child obesity, which we were not familiar with. Rodrigo unleashed all his fabulous creativity and the Nutri Ventures story – the most important thing in any Property – was born! Today, years later, the same Supermarket chain is a partner of Nutri Ventures.

Q: What aspect of the “Nutri Ventures” franchise are you most proud of?

Its mission! Nutri Ventures is the only brand that makes healthy food look cool to kids. Being able to do this and to have a very strong positive influence on children’s eating choices is remarkable. However, there are two other aspects. Nutri Ventures is also unique because, right from the beginning, pieces of the story were especially reserved for different media. And, by doing this, we not only had a tremendous success with our show on television (growing audience shares in Disney Spain, SBT Brazil, Hulu in the US), but we also reached a phenomenal 33% penetration amongst 4 to 11 year olds in our Digital World in the first 9 months of the pilot test. Last but not least, we discovered, or better said, we’re still discovering, that to make something genuinely creative and disruptive you have to embrace the path that is thrown at you and make yourself open to it every single day.

Q: What are your ultimate goals for “Nutri Ventures?”

To develop its global reach and make sure that the Nutri Ventures magic is only used to promote healthy eating habits and healthy lifestyles. This is why we have established partnerships with Michelle Obama’s Organization (Partnership for a Healthier America), many Ministries of Health and of Education in Europe and Nutritionist Associations in Brazil, offering our characters and educational content to be used for free. Also, Nutri Ventures is committed to never associate itself with an unhealthy food product – and this is why, when it comes to licensing food products, we have outsourced to independent health institutions, like Nutritionist Associations and Ministries of Health, the decision to define what food products Nutri Ventures promotes for each market.

Q: What are your goals for Nutri Ventures Corporation over the next ten years?

To make the dream happen, at the same time as making sure that the people who work for and with Nutri Ventures Corporation are happy and keep growing!

* * * * *

For more information about the program visit the official “Nutri Ventures” website:

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