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Educational toys can be an alternative to Halloween candy

Don't stand too long in the candy isle.

Try toys, pencils, coloring books and other items as Trick-or-Treat goodies instead of the easy standbys.

Remember getting apples, popcorn balls and cookies?  Well, those days are gone.  Excited Halloween celebrators now get gum, candy and stickers.  The weight problem, safety issues and social statements now makes people very cautious even to the point of not opening the door to the little goblins.  Depending on your budget, you can hand out educational items such as pencils, rulers, books and puzzles.  There are also flash cards, erasers and crayons that can come in handy. Food items can be moderated with gift certificates to local fast food places. 

And don't forget the birthday party style celebrations with kids in the neighborhood.  Take kids to "our block only" pre-arranged trick-or-treating.  Have the parents use alternatives to candy.  Talk to friends and neighbors early and plan a safe and fun time for the kids.

Have you tried wrapping a game or book in a cute candy corn gift wrap paper?  A game which can be played that evening with the family will be very memorable.  Take pictures in costumes, eat homemade goodies and have a blast.  Choose  family games which are fun and educational. When the door bell rings, be ready with toys, books and games. 

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