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Educational policy examples can help guide other work policy ethics.

The purpose of any policy is to keep a formal guide for maintaining the vision for the mainstream. Education policy's are a good example on how to learn to policy keep. The policy that is most kept for each vision to remain will be the actual example employers will refer to as they grow. The way this is remembered is by reading or hearing a policy for the first time. Educational policy's are based on the right for a free and safe education for all (Department of Education, 2014; Library of Congress, 2014). The ethical ground that has been established from both education and administrations departments are similar in turn for employers to use as guide to keep their vision focus profitable.

Some examples of Educational policy's include:

Behavior conduct

Attendance performance

Honest documentation

Following instruction about the policy (NCU, 2014).

Therefore, forms of work ethics could be guided by examples from others once they enter a work situation. The best example can be chosen for ones self through learning and a work ethic can be gained. When the policy is represented fairly and appreciated it is extrinsically and intrinsically ethical (Masolow, 1948; B.F. Skinner, 1953). Most forms of ethical behavior are taught when a person is learning for the first time about what is the purpose for the entity to grow. When a vision needs to be nurtured a policy is created to guide the foundation keeping much like the U.S.Constitutional Amendment formats and education policy standards. Some examples for of good work policy ethics are shown when an employer teaches standard fairness to others(Library of Congress, 2014; NCU, 2014).

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