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Educational Opportunity: iTunesU

Choosing Paranormal Classes from iTunesU
Choosing Paranormal Classes from iTunesU
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Whether you are a newbie to paranormal investigation, a seasoned veteran, or anything in-between -- iTunes University has something for you: paranormal classes. If you are an invested paranormal enthusiast, you also know that paranormal activities can be quite costly, such as with classes/conventions, equipment, and admission/travel costs. iTunes University allows you to watch lectures from universities or public forums. Not only does this cut out the class cost, it also saves on travels costs.

iTunes University is accessed free through iTunes, which is also free to download from Anyone with either a Windows-based PC or a Macintosh computer, can download the iTunes software. iPhones, iPads, and iPods come with the iTunes software. Be sure, if you have a device where it is already installed, to update it so that it functions properly. iTunes does require that you set up an Apple ID and password, as well as using a debit or credit card for security. No worries, as it will not charge you unless you purchase something. iTunes University classes are free to download. iTunesU even has its own app, free for download.

Once you have iTunes open, you will see options across the top: Home [icon], Music, Movies, TV Shows, App Store, Books, Podcasts, and iTunesU. Click on iTunesU. Then find the "search" box with the magnifying glass, then type "paranormal" in the search box and click the iTunesU on the right-hand side, to make sure that you're only filtering by the iTunesU choices.

To choose the lecture for download and click the "price" button (usually states "free"). Enjoy!

(NOTE: The photo provided shows searching and filtering by paranormal themed iTunesU results.)