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Educational health programs provided by Catholic Health of Buffalo


Catholic Health provides educational programs for seniors.

Additional Programs

  • Managing your medications and your health

  • Free Glucose and Blood screenings

  • Putting Heart into your health for Women

  • Heart Health Fair

The Catholic Health System of Buffalo is offering educational health programs for seniors from the end of January, throughout the month of February and March. Their programs range from diabetes education, medication management  and heart health.

Most of the programs that are being offered are free. Those that are not free are often covered by your insurance carrier. But you should check with your insurance before you go just to be sure. Most also don't even require an appointment.

The Diabetic Education program is part of a four part series provided by Catholic Health. They go over the causes of diabetes, how to control it and some of its long term effects. Upcoming programs are to be held on February 2, 2010, 6pm at the Williamsville Diagnostic Center in Williamsville. The next will be February 10, 2010, 9am at the Chestnut Ridge Family Practice in Orchard Park. There is a fee that is involved with these programs just listed. For more details or questions call 716-447-6205.

They also have a Aging with Grace for Women that is being held on February 23, 2010 at the United Methodist Church, 2820 E. Church St. in Eden. It will be presented by Virginia Lyons, RN. It gives women over 50 ways to keep their mind active, meditation and goal settings with holistic health concepts. For more information about this program cal 716-447-6205.


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