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Educational games for the sizzling summer

Days of Creation
Days of Creation
K Applebee from TeachersPayTeachers

School is out but learning doesn’t have to stop. When it is too hot to play outside, wise parents provide educational strategy games that are appealing and fun so students keep their brains in shape over the long break. Research has found that full color graphics ingaming engage the memory as well as the eye. Check out the following free and low cost games.

Free David card game
K Applebee from TeachersPayTeachers
  • Seven Days of Creation: Be the first to lay down one card for each of the seven days of creation. A set of 100 cards and rules are included with optional ways to play.
  • Antiquities: the Biblical Archeology game plays like Hasbro’s Masterpiece. Each player is an archeologist acquiring artifacts for their museum or university while avoiding the fakes.
  • The David package contains a thirteen page, multi-scene reader’s theater from 1 Samuel covering the life of David as well as a set of 72 playing cards, rules and links to eight free online games about the book of David are included.
  • Food chain and adaptations card game teaches not only food chains and webs but also animal and plant adaptations, scripture and classification.
  • Simple machines made simple! Full-color graphics a set of 52 playing cards, set of six 8”x11” posters for bulletin board and/or vocabulary gallery walk, set of eight 8”x11” science writing prompts (RAFT writing), game rules and step by step directions for integrating into Marzano’s six step vocabulary development strategy.

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