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Educational Family Time at the Celebration of Flight Event

Although the Hawk migration over Corpus Christi skies continues through mid November, the 'Celebration of Flight' event put on by Corpus Christi Hawkwatch just wrapped up this past weekend. This year's event ran from September 24-27, 2010, and was bigger than previous years.

Everything from mini-programs about raptors and hawk migrations, field trips, digiscoping classes, and live raptor demonstrations were all included in the various events available to the public this year which gave an opportunity for Corpus Christi Hawkwatch to spread their message of conservation and hawk migration. Many of the field trips and presentations were led by noted author, writer, and photographer Brian Wheeler and Last Chance Forever provided the live raptor demonstrations that were a big hit with not only raptor enthusiasts, but also education groups, boy scout troops, and families alike.

The educational programs associated with Celebration of Flight event are very informative and this year, the Last Chance Forever live raptor demonstration was a great way for families to spend some quality time together while also experiencing the wonders of nature. Held this past weekend at Hazel-Bazemore park in the Calallen part of the city, some of the raptors that were included in this year's demonstration were the:

  • Harris's Hawk
  • Red Tail Hawk
  • Falcon
  • Barn Owl
  • Crested Caracara
  • Great Horned Owl
  • Screech Owl
  • Black Vulture

Families got a chance to find out various characteristics of each bird featured like what they feed on and their purpose in our environment. They got a chance to see them up close and personal including having the Harris's Hawk fly through the crowd and demonstrate their great hunting skills. Plus at the end of the demonstration, they had an opportunity to have any specific questions they might have answered.

It really was a great way for families to spend some quality time together, gave them a way to interact with each other because there was so much to discuss afterwards, and also provided good, interesting, as well as surprisingly fun entertainment.

Although the Celebration of Flight event has ended this year, you can still see these birds of prey in the skies around Corpus Christi through mid November as they continue on their migratory path south. In fact, today they are expecting about 15,000-20,000 broad-winged hawks to set flight from none other than the Hawkwatch official site at Hazel Bazemore Park.

Corpus Christi is considered to be one of the largest Hawk watch sites in the country with over 457,000 Hawks migrating through here each fall.

For more information on Corpus Christi Hawkwatch, please visit their website or their facebook page.

To find out about the Last Chance Forever education programs, please visit their website.


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