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Education: Weather, weather everywhere

The weather has become a returning feature to the news, that and the fight to stay warm. Every time we look, the polar vortex seems to be coming closer to the equator, bring the cold.
The weather has become a returning feature to the news, that and the fight to stay warm. Every time we look, the polar vortex seems to be coming closer to the equator, bring the cold.

Taking a look outside lately we see snow, lots of snow and little sun to keep it gone. It is not so much the snow which is causing problems, but the fact is so many seem unprepared for it, this includes the municipalities. Global governments and even those in the US have found it impossible to keep up with all the predictable weather changes. Thus there are fewer responses in place and less means to offer the public when such events occur, only the most probable means to offset the most probable events. The public is finding there must be others who step in, taking charge of the immediate needs for themselves and for others. Yet we do not see the governments accepting the public taking such charge, instead more likely wanting to retain the centralized control.
Looking over the past month, do you remember seeing the snow in the Holy Land? It may be a desert in most people’s minds, but the true it there are several trees and garden spots across the Middle East region. But snow is something which is rarely seen, and there was quite a bit the last month, indicates only of what has come to others later. Still people have to get around and do things, even long term disputes had to be put aside to survive. The Middle East relearned something we hope, the lesson humanity learned long ago, in times of stiff we survive together or not at all.
There is a secret about economics most do not understand, it started with the same conditions which are once again presenting themselves. We have then been given a chance to study what we know and use our history to understand lessons which we should already know. Once more we are to face the idea of humanities loss, but we also have the means to say we do not desire this loss. Our actions are what judge us, and we can take those actions to determine our fate, the question has always been what fate we choose. The global weather is just a start; we will see in the near future how it affects crops and political situations with more dire concerns.
The US weather is no different in it perspectives, local governments have been operating by expected predictable events, only predictable comes by the information one is willing to look at. And even this information has to be available for people to see, if they do not recognize it the human brain does not define the information as relative to the matter. All the information gets in, but only what we are interested in gets focused on, thus it is with that we use to decide matters. Paying by percentages is what a gambler does, and gambling with the lives of those in your care is not a way to lead governmental operations. Any centralized control is already gambling with lives, to push for more of such, is to risk the lives of individuals who are lost to the cracks in society.
Probabilities only allow a starting point, absolute facts do not exist and if we plan only by what we are seeing we miss the major of information. Thus planning must include what we do not see, which we are seeing has not occurred in governmental planning for some time. Those lacking such planning will start to show, for as the weather has caused supply lines to shut down and business have kept short inventories, the consumers will be at risk. The harder one area is hit and the less reliable the political operations have become, the more suffering the public will have to endure until recovery. The public has already had to step in to fill in the blanks the political operations have failed to do over the years, and there is still more the public will have to do.
Secondary public resources have been needed every time the mainstream political operations fail, and they will fail even more as this weather clears. Those already suffering need to understand this is only one round, there are more storms coming and less supplies making to the consumers. The economic situation this creates will bring changes as stress levels increase to force political operations to react. Reality rules, not the thoughts of a few bigoted minds thinking for themselves while others are made to suffer for their lack of intelligence. But what political operations do has almost always been the worse things possible, until intelligent people return to political operations. The governments must accept the people have a right and need to offer assistance to others, for as a society we live together or fail together. The choice to join a society is one individuals make, and how that society lives or survives is also a choice, this one made by those who are part make up the society. Long ago we had to make such a choice, allying ourselves to build a better future. Now once more we must face the test, to see if we have learned anything over the years, or are a complete failure.

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