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Education: Troubles come, planned well by ignorance and incompetence

The world’s troubles have all started from the same ideology, one where ignorance and incompetency function as politics. The will of a few does not use reasoning, but forces wants upon others by fear alone.
The world’s troubles have all started from the same ideology, one where ignorance and incompetency function as politics. The will of a few does not use reasoning, but forces wants upon others by fear alone.

We can look at Ferguson, Mississippi to see more violence being sold, and law is used to disrupt the civil order. This because one side or the other has created, “When did ‘protect and serve’ turn into ‘us versus them’?” But the truth is it has been sold the world over, the Gaza strip still resides with it and ISIS did not come by itself. Those who have seen the events around the world are taking note, as more say we need real reasoning seen. Ferguson is but one of many locations, all with low incomes and high cost, yet the local politicians have the means to afford a militarized police? Local politicians must have some other means to provide funding than most, while the public starves waiting for relief. As more politicians seek to upgrade weapons, it is clear they have no intentions to assist those in real need of economic reliefs.
The arrest being made should result in police reports, this as feedback to indicate the events of the matter and the causes. Feedback is needed in any event where changes are to occur, and as seen in Mississippi, change there only comes by way of more militarized police. The attitude presented by calling out: ‘Bring it!’ can only show the dividing line was drawn a long time ago. Those who pretend to defend the rights of others, have already decided those rights are only for the same social domination status they are in. But this is not a national situation; it has grown among the world, existing in many of the ideas being presented as violence by authority is allowed.
Netanyahu may think he knows Hamas, but as evidence shows even he did not know all they had planned, leaving the citizens to dare fate as they continue to make a living. And of those in Iraq, under the ISIS on-going campaigns are facing the same, yet it is only a difference in belief which marks the borderline. Confirming those wanting violence are doing so based by their belief in being superior, because they are more willing to use violence first, than those suffering. This believe that violence solves all their problems is the core of their minds, actions taken from the very beginning based on such to continue throughout. And it is the results of such actions which the public is left to deal with, for the same promoting violence never see how it comes back upon us all. Economics deals with exchanges, and if economics is connected with all things in civilization, then what caused violence also caused reactions within civilization. But civilization exists in the mind as much as it does in the physical realm, we can not presume to limit the actions violence takes to only the physical. We must assume the mental aspects involved, as this motivates and even hampers our actions once we have encountered something. What has happened by those who allow fear to grow within them is to predetermine the need to act with desperation, leading to violence. Real reasoning does not need violence, those who bully have little mindsets which can not grow, reasoning means one learns and grows into maturity.
Take note, of the events you have been seeing, remember how they played out, not one started in obscurity but with the world press watching and the authorities failing to allow proper procedures. The attitude has been those in authority are not the same as those in the general public, bigotry exist as it is taught to one’s mind. Even those called terrorist, offering the lives of others can not undo the damages they are doing to themselves and the society around them. The facts are not reported, recorded or even looked at, then they can not be used in making decisions and thus the decisions are falsely laid. Strategy starts at the beginning of any planning by the correctness of the information which is given, and global authority has not been using it for some time.
Ferguson exist in the news as protestors rally to support a cause, yet it also exists as those who have become afraid already know their time is near end. The concept of stressing the public indicates the public will only take so much before it strikes back, and authority does not get to choose how. As more information is seen lacking, those desperate will take more actions to prevent exposure, more violence then from them. Resulting in more press releases and less facts as money is made, but new results will only come as the public is allowed access to prevent further such events, feedback from governmental offices indicating the truth. Nor is this an isolated event, for across the world and the nation, many are seeing the same, as the lack of accountability exist. The authorities have prejudged us, pushing all into groups to keep us at each other, while they do little to nothing except lie.
The authorities are demanding police must upgrade to military status, the same statements those in the Middle East demanded before Arab Spring. Yet when the trouble comes, those same abandon their gear and weapons to run, thus all one is supporting are the cowardly nature of fear behind authority. The real police, even for that matter the real military personal, know there is more to the job then producing fear in people. It takes courage to take a stand, political authority has not shown this courage, only the willingness to sell the lives of others. A payment for the sins of political offices has not been made, as there is no courage in politics, nothing but failure waiting to happen and no accountability over it.

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