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Education: To change the world, you are not alone

Any effort to change the world requires communication, everyone can but not everyone is in communication with others. The strongest weapon those attempting to abuse and corrupt our systems use, is the lack of public communication.
Any effort to change the world requires communication, everyone can but not everyone is in communication with others. The strongest weapon those attempting to abuse and corrupt our systems use, is the lack of public communication.

The news agencies are not gaining freedoms to allow them to speak out, international politicians having regarded the free press as an enemy. The means to abuse the system has been left in the hands of those looking to themselves and not the public majority. As individuals see world reports, they are left to question: how do you make changes in what you see? Abusers use the same system over and over again; even those attempting to take over national politics only expand the same. Ignorance leads to the incompetent minds left to rule, but the public’s mindset is not ignorant and the same means to end domestic abuse wins against political abuses. One seeking to fight off political corruption, need only remember the more they keep you silent the more they win. To make an impact into changing affairs around the world, takes getting interested in others who are just like you.
The international news agencies would like to have the freedom to speak and report in matters they know are happening. The problem involves political powers not wanting their publics to speak out; this is especially true pertaining to women. But it is also prevalent against children, as Malala Yousafzai found herself in both positions and was shot for it. The world has since become even more dangerous, and more people want to speak without ideas of how to stand up against what they say is wrong. It might seem like there is nothing a single individual can do, but the truth is there are many things individuals can do.
Abusers need to cut people off, to keep them from support which they can not control nor direct to their own uses. Those individuals looking to take actions to change their lives need to start by looking for individuals within their personal lives who offer support. Collecting this support on a personal basis then building it outward offers to give support to the dreams and ideas one has. But it also offers something else, for with each new level of friends which we include, we gain more knowledge by association. Information we did not have before, now gained by the collective minds, combin to restructure and reform personal communications. Going into the matter with a well constructed plan, you will not need to change it much to be successful.
As individuals we see what is happening, and so long as we believe we are only an individual we say “What can I do as an individual?” Yet we do not need to stay as an individual, we can take actions to shape the collective and use the authorized power we have given to restructure into a better world. Those who took power and have been misusing it, are individuals themselves, the only difference is the lies they have presented. The public use of social media has been seen as causing them concerns because it offers to let a larger group know at a faster rate what is really going on. And many in that same social media can confirm the truth, adding creditability to what is being said, but only if the membership is willing to communication with each other.
Taking over control for personal gain, abusers have not been competitive and therefore have not advanced their line of thought to assure better insight. Instead they have only used the same foolishness and incompetence which they always have. Those who are sensing what is going on, have a major factor in their regard they are using their brains and reasoning. These events are all about a power struggle between the difference over force of arms and the use of reason. Reasoning is always stronger, so long as one is able to reason one can find the means to disprove violence is worth time and investment.
The incompetent rule only because the public has given them authority, but the public can also withdraw this and has the obligation to do so. Every national public majority is charged with controlling the conduct of those representing them, and in the end is held accountable for this as well. For the more outlandish the national politics become, the more that national public suffers until it is stopped, and even then may be held in disregard for those actions. Individuals who have the means to speak out can collect others of the same like minds and discuss what is going on. This is one reason why isolation of political dissent is used, to keep those in resistance from forming political support to actions.
Individuals speaking out combine with others and offer social disruptions which the political powers do not like, nor are the powers completely prepared for such. If individuals want to break free of the political corruptions around them, they need only remember to use the same means used to keep abusers away. Isolation only works if those being isolated accept it; there is always a means to talk and communication, thus forming larger support groups. And it is with the support of others that political changes occur; individuals who are willing to stand up are also the ones willing to change the world.

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