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Education: The world’s children in peril, lost future in politics

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Have you ever wondered why so many social orders have been created only to disappear, scientists have been. Recent studies not centered around natural disasters but around social order and its impact has resulted in confirmed a new understanding. Those in New York City are allowing the wealthy to determine the outcomes of hundreds of children, but only for the sake of a few political agendas. If the children of this world have no futures, what futures than are offered for the civilization we have built? Disaster scenarios seem to always put the blame on nature or others, when in true those who operate a society are the same who bring it to an end. Education for the world’s children is what relives them of service to others, to allow them the ability to serve all they choose to have around them. A flexibility which otherwise they do not have to survive, nor to allow the social order they choose to have survive.
Interactions in society are not really complex, they only seem that way because we have such large numbers of individuals today. In the past, even as we start out in life today, there are few interactions seen only increasing as we meet new people. Scientist have often wondered why societies fall, considering it was a natural disaster was an easy excuse, so was the lack of technology. As reported, they now understand there is a predator-prey action in social matters, it should have sent out alarms as this same action is why the world has so many troubles today. If one stops pretending that nature is out to kill us off, we start to see civilization built upon social orders, in the past only one was accepted, now we have many compiled together.
Human impact effects more than just nature, as we build social infrastructures we also impact our way of thinking to effect how we build in the future. Building society becomes a work in progress, one needing time to create something better than before, but if we make mistakes we can also create something worse. Iraq has a growing concern today with this worse-becoming-more as children are being forced into marriages; these rates are increasing when they should be decreased already. Social order has already determined individuals need maturity before taking on the tasks of adults, and forcing another is not a path to finding love or happiness. Personal desires are often found in the social behaviors of others, and it is easy to assume a social stance occurs by such actions. Thus it is a social standing to have a wife who is so young, as to be a child herself.
In New York City, the social stance has been to direct wealth into providing social obstacles for children’s education. Children around the world are facing the same problem, where there is wealth to be made at keeping them poor there is no infrastructure built to protect their rights. Those seeking to build society, have based society on the wealth they gain as individuals, not upon the society gaining as a whole. Economics speaks clearly, increasing efficiency in one area does not relate to total efficiency increasing if others have to do more as a result. The wealthy were created by the infrastructure society allowed to be built in support; it was not a single individual who decided this but the entire social order in support of such.
The global society has structured itself around the many differences each society has, thus providing many different social resources to offer. These are social products, as any production system offers a product, they can be used to reconstruct and improve all the lives around them. But one major factor the social scientist have established is the need to be self-sustaining, thus comes the need to offer children free of service to others for our futures. Only by allowing them to mature into adults can we provide the needed resources to secure a future that same society wants. And this requires education for all, as well as time to grow into adulthood, not to have their childhood stolen.
Blaming nature for civilizations demise can not explain away the loss of technology or the education of one’s mind. What skills one had before the disaster, one still possess afterward only the resources to use them may be gone. People build and rebuild because they are educated to understand how the physical world relates to their needs. It is only when they are not allowed education and maturity to take actions, that societies are endangered. Today there is no society which is not somehow connect to all the others, we have seen this happening for the past 200,000 years and were told it would be this way.
We are to face a disaster, one still to be seen, which will shock the entire world and without the maturity or education to rebuild, all societies are in danger. Already resources are running low, raising food prices alone are suspected as causing many of the civil wars now in progress. But it goes further than even that, for economics having tied us altogether over the years has also allowed for ripples caused by events outside of our political controls. The children will either see us through to a better age, or will send us back to the dark ages, but preparing them for such is already being decided by the same who are causing the downfall. They are who is responsible, yet are the same who do not allow for themselves to be held accountable.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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