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Education's costs making you blue? Go overseas for Educaion and Culture, too!

School group in Belize
School group in Belize
The Big Mozey

College Education overseas?

Not interested in going to Guatemala, or Honduras to get a degree?

You can get as good or better education at these schools at the fraction of the cost of Universities in the USA and they teach in English!

I am writing a series of reviews of travel blogs - these are blogs from people traveling all over the world and making a living while doing it!

Then I read an article about education overseas, and it blew my mind!

How about going to Albert Einstein's alma mater for less than $1,000 per semester?

University of Cambridge, in England?

How about $19,000 per year.

If college costs are one of the most depressing things you can think of, do not despair!

Qatar University has tuition costs of just $4,000 for their Business School and their School of Engineering. Professors in English, so you do not even have to learn a foreign language.

The problems in the USA are multiple, with higher education costs being a major problem for young people.

Also, the job prospects for young people in the USA is abysmal, with only 64% of the male population actually working at jobs they trained for.

I truly believe that the person that will succeed in the coming decades are the ones that think "outside the box!"

I would never have thought about looking at colleges outside the USA until I read a newsletter I receive everyday.

These are times full of turmoil. With turmoil comes great opportunities - if one keeps their mind open to ideas that are "outside of the box."

So here are a few questions:

1) What are you doing, reading and listening to that will give you unique ideas on how to make a better life for yourself?

2) Are you subscribing to any newsletters that give you solid information about opportunities that are outside of the USA?

3) Are you falling into the trap of trying to follow the path of your parents? (That "plan" is void now. Young people are not entering the same business environment that their parents were in)

4) Do you have a mentor - both inside and outside the USA? (The fellow who writes the newsletter just got done meeting with 30 people below the age of 30, in a school setting for a week - for free! In Lithuania with free room and board for the attendees)

5) For your Education, have you looked at the Peace Corps, NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) and Teaching overseas? (All pay you while you learn more skills)

With school starting again soon, these options should be looked on as possible ways of getting educated without taking on a large load of debt!

If you look at a lot of the business owners of unique companies, you will find that they did not get their Education in the conventional way of college. (Virgin Air, Microsoft, Dell, Facebook, Twitter owners)

The last point I would make is that the opportunities for business success is greater in 3rd world countries. Just to catch up to where the Western Industrialized Nations are will make people fortunes in the years to come.

Why not get ahead of the curve on that and start now with your Education?

Just some thoughts from an older (59) guy that has always felt he was outside the norm!

Cheers for now


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