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Education: Restructuring the economic theories to reality

Current economic theories suggest valuing part of society more simply by the wages which are paid; this social standing is only accepted by the current political ideology instilled. But as the politics constantly change, so then should the individual’s va
Current economic theories suggest valuing part of society more simply by the wages which are paid; this social standing is only accepted by the current political ideology instilled. But as the politics constantly change, so then should the individual’s va

Social dominance allows for political actions based on an ideology which is preset before the actions take place. Ethonomics is scientific studies combining ethics, economics and civics, explaining how interactions within a society work to develop social dominances. Economics states two important things which ethonomics can not conclude are correct, unless we reexamine current economic theories to correct them. The first is: we value individuals and job based on the higher competitive levels they show, thus higher wages are offered for higher competition. And the second is: as conditions change we offer price changes for resources, this because the value has changed and we still need the resource. But if this was true, wages would have to change as needs change, with more competition levels offering more income to all social statuses. And in reality as the income gap shows, wages for the majority have fallen, while those offering less competition have wages increased.
Congress follows what it has been taught, as most in politics come by way of the legal industry, they follow then what is taught in law schools. But law schools are teaching to operate the legal system as a business, thus monetary funds are meant to stand above the law. A prime standard of law is equality exists for all, yet if money stands above the law and outside of its scope of influence, it subjugates the legal process. One can not serve both law and money, there has to be a decision made as to which is subjugated to the other. And the legal standards of equality hold or fall away with all the civil rights actions ever taken removed for the inanimate object which man has created.
The social interactions presented by monetary funds accept as profit is seen, people migrate to that which produces more funds. This by the same way people migrate to safer locations as disasters occur, thus seeking safety from personal fears and dangers they know are around them. But profit can not be exclusive to monetary gains, it must also include the living standards one has, this to include the self-worth as seen by the individual. And lowering standards to serve those with large monetary funds, lowers the self-worth one see in one’s self image. Thus social incomes such as wages and salaries are not based on competition levels or value, but on the social connections which are willing to accept the individual as equal. Their personal value and that related by the social status they have, connected only by the willingness to the same self-worth.
As illustrated in the above report, although drug, binge drinking and other matters are more frequent, it is the social connections which allow upward mobility. Equality in competition has been removed as corruption was introduced to associate monetary wages with higher competition levels. Although in reality, those attempting social dominance use whatever theory comes along to support accepting them as superior, stating this is fact, even when there are no facts to support such. Just as here in Oklahoma the corruption continues, stating superiority only by the means to buy creditability, but reality shows facts and evidence to indicate it is a lie. The Nazis and KKK did the same, hoping that creditable paperwork alone would be enough, the facts and evidence need has in support of such. Those believing they are superior and therefore should be granted privileges have never been able to provide real proof of such, except by false creditability and deceits.
Higher competition levels are suppose to offer higher wages, belief existing the congress, presidency and supreme court are the highest governmental levels, show less competitive effects from them while higher wages are taken. Nor is it happening in just one nation, the Bush family has already bought up water rights in South America, and now Nestle is attempting to do the same across the world. The only means such can be done is by the social dominance present as an individual is accepted by part of a social class, what do not regard the same standards all others must face. Bigotry by any other name continues today, simply by the arrogant and vain offering creditability to those who have never earned it. This seen world wide, even as continued discussion come over oil well fracking, reality has already shown the results of corruption existing.
The changes seen in oil prices should have resulted in higher wages for the oil workers, but those with long term contracts are stuck with the same wages as before. Needing more workers, and the economy low, lower wages were offered to those now entering this field, higher needs did not affect the wages only social status. This presented by operating the same structures around the world, furthering social status on a few while the majority are given less value. Those overseas are valued less than those domestically, with lower wages offering means to higher profits. Cutting cost allowed for increasing bonuses to be recovered by false management, this stating operations are running well, until one leaves the management position.
As seen recently in the GM case, once executives leave what was hidden problems then become publicly visible, and new management is left to deal with them instead producing continued improvements. The problem did not just appear, nor was the product of the new management, it occurred because those with a false creditability status were allowed the authority to hide the evidence. This by the corruption of processes which could only happen if those in charge accepted the corruption, the higher levels should have known and did nothing. The only reason is they were motivated by something seen as more important than obligations to others, the personal desire for monetary gains and social status rather than the legal and society’s obligations. Those holding these social statuses built upon monetary corruption; have become more important than legal protected equality. An inanimate means as money has no will of its own, only by a living presence offered has it a will to survive. Here in Oklahoma, as Governor Fallin is reading herself for a federal political campaign, we have to wonder how much corruption will be exposes as she leaves office.

Contact: Michael Pulse Author of: The Truth of Things
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