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Education paradigm shift: Why younger generation does not get 'respect' faculty

Faculty often does not feel they get respect from today's students.
Faculty often does not feel they get respect from today's students.
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As the paradigm in education has changed between generations many faculty members from the baby boomers have felt the lack of respect for the younger generations. This is because of the power shift in the educational process brought on by the techniques begun when Generation X first entered the world of academia.

Education system atop baby boomers gave faculty all the power, authority and control of the classroom and the education process. Teachers demanded respect students feared repercussions of not honoring that request. Whether it was the tension, a ruler’s crack across the knuckles, extra homework or a note to the parents teachers maintained high authority in the classroom.

Beginning with Generation X teachers assume the less authoritative figure in the classroom. Students were empowered to make many decisions the teachers old earlier times made without being questioned by students. The learning process became a shared learning environment with other students and between students and faculty.

A pastor once told the wedding party they could do whatever they wanted to try and keep attendee sitting when the bride walked down the aisle. He said it would be pointless is a matter what happened people would stand the moment she entered the room. It is just as pointless today for corporate trainers or professional teachers to attempt to take authority in a classroom. Instead they need to use gentle teaching skills to maintain that authority without the students realizing they had abdicated the power.

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