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Education paradigm shift: Why old employee training methods don't work with GenX

Anyone that manages Generation X understands there is a major difference between the learning techniques of baby boomers and younger employees.

Education paradigm shift: Why old employee training methods do not work with Gen X.
Education paradigm shift: Why old employee training methods do not work with Gen X.Used by license from

Consider the first videogame, “Pong” by Atari. “This that of a square ball that bounce from one side of the television screen to another. Players had to move their paddle, which is a straight line, up and down the screen in an effort to keep the ball from going out their side. The game came with an 18 page instruction manual. Today’s videogames are multilevel, highly complex adventures. How big is a manual? Zero pages, they do not have one.

Why the difference?

Today’s game players learn their games by exploring the blogs and social media sites were tips and game secrets are posted.

Likewise, in the workplace employees want to learn based on interaction with peers and supervisors and online resources. Whereas baby boomers will prefer instruction manuals, job aids, step-by-step instructions and a mentor younger workers want a more hands-on experience.

To learn more about the paradigm shift in education and employee training, click here.

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