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Education paradigm shift: The role of students in today’s learning process

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After baby boomers completed their days in the classroom teaching styles drastically changed. Generation X was taught using “learning clusters” instead of the traditional rose of desks where students were alphabetically arranged. In this new concept students were encouraged to work among themselves, thus changing the paradigm in the classroom.

Older generations experienced the classroom life were teacher saw them as passive vessels to be filled by teacher’s knowledge. Teachers constructed lesson plans that would, as best as possible, engage the students while teachers provided lectures and information dumps.

Younger generations learn under a new teaching system. Students were expected to be a constructor, discover and transformer of knowledge. A student was expected to discover, often as a team activity within the learning cluster, how to solve problems or to assimilate new knowledge within their cranium.

As younger generations are entering the workforce the role of the student to becoming a roll of the employee were in the student/employee wants to learn things on their own in a hands-on environment rather than being lectured to.

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