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Education paradigm shift: The role of faculty and trainers in today’s learning

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As Generation X has been taking over the workplaces of America corporate training has had to be adjusted from printed manuals to hands-on learning. This is a far cry from the educational process favored by baby boomers.

Faculty was once the holder of the knowledge base. It was the responsibility to transfer this knowledge to their students. The method tended to be based in lectures and/or printed materials. This was perfectly acceptable to baby boomers when they were in the classroom and when they transitioned into the workplace.

Younger generations have been given a different cognitive paradigm. To them the knowledge base needed be constructed by the students in the faculties in a team effort. In the classroom their comfortable learning from other students just as much as they are learning from the instructor. This is exactly the same as their viewpoint whether or not the classroom is on a college campus or in a corporate training room.

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