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Education paradigm shift: From competition to teamwork

Education paradigm shift: From competition to teamwork.
Education paradigm shift: From competition to teamwork.Used by license from

Baby boomers were taught in a very competitive environment. Students were required to work on their own in the concept of “team projects” was yet to be conceived. The competitive nature of education culminated a graduation by recognizing the salutatorian and valedictorian of each class.

Much of this tradition vanished when Generation X began to move through the educational process. Individual rows of desks were replaced by “workstations” where students were encouraged to learn from others and to help others learn. This cooperative learning benefits younger generations in today’s workplace where contemporary management stresses the importance of teamwork.

Unfortunately for the younger generation the business world has not moved away from individual competitiveness even though teamwork is embraced by more and more companies every day.

A hybrid of the two learning systems is what employers are looking for. They want individuals to be competitive as competition drives initiative and personal responsibility for one’s work. At the same time they expect employees to be cooperative members of the team striving to achieve a shared vision of success.

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