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Education: Money and time, experts working of future elections

The public is finding out what has been happening,  but not by the authorities willingness. Protecting others is what authority is meant to do, but who is really being protected and why is becoming clearer every day.
The public is finding out what has been happening, but not by the authorities willingness. Protecting others is what authority is meant to do, but who is really being protected and why is becoming clearer every day.
Composed from photos taken by Michael Pulse

Experts in the political areas are setting up future elections to be based on educational needs they perceive. But a major part of the education has formed around the internet information access, which in itself is under attack. Prepping for the future elections before they even begin, only builds up the public response to allow control of politics. Our modern world has allowed our limits to be expanded, but with this governments have expanded their authority upon the public as well. As all resources are limited, we must also consider freedom limited against that of government authority. Governmental authority controlled by the public or by those with funds to buy off the authority’s umbrella of protections still remains a major question.
The public has demanded to know what our so called authorities do not what us to know, this by both exercising our rights and by the use of cameras in places once thought of as safe. We are finding there is no reason to believe the authorities when they say: “Trust us; we will be there for you.” In fact they have not been there for many, only for the few who offer to keep their failing political agendas ongoing. Politics kept under control by the same few has to use funding to further others from speaking out. But such political agendas do not met with the public’s needs, thus they have to start their political operations years in advance.
Oklahoma has moved to using internet courses, as access and information transfers are still limited, so will be the use of such education benefits. The state will pay either way, only responding to the public’s needs it another matter, it will respond to the contractors involved most certainly. As shown already by test scores, the results imposed by such contractors do not accept the responsibility regarding the children gaining any benefit. Google must also consider information on children private, they should immediately respond by destroying children’s personal information, even if not told to. This action would help manage the on-line bullying against them, which no governmental agency has been effective at stopping.
The more major industrial influences increase into the public educational system; we see future generations responding for the sake of publicity. Retraining the minds of others has always been used to created the prefect following, this by both religious and political agendas, which create a following by volunteer actions. Those following do so as they perceive society grants rewards and benefits to this following and not to those who do not accept it. This builds infrastructure but only what is allowed by those who taking power and authority away from others. We have expanded our limits as we have expanded our means to communicate and explore, bur must maintaining the public and authority controls as the same, individual freedom against governmental domination. We can not expect those who control others for a personal gain would teach or allow to be taught the idea, of individuals thinking for themselves.
As individuals expand upon the limits they see, new opportunities erupt around them and taking advantage of such offers resources. The advancements made by individuals should be offered to them to easy their lives, but instead the centralized control wants to take this away. Thus they monitor and maintain control over the educational system to assure they get the first mover advantages as they occur. But those who present these ideas are not themselves gaining from investments of time and creative energies. The educational system has become more limited due to less freedoms offered to those entering, so the advantages offered to those seeking new means has be cut off as well.
Using the government authority to monitor private lives and to clearly develop a standardized control over the educational system is a predetermined failure in action. The public needs to be assured governmental authority is open to all equally and not specifically predetermining individual lives. The problem is with all the influences we have seen going on in past times; we know the political process will be doing the same again. This exposes the public lives to the influence of those seeking only for themselves, at the expense of the individuals who create better lives. Removing the means for individuals to provide a better future, is to centralize control over the creative processes in us all.
Do you remember how the same processes took control of even the rain water in South America? And not they want to control the very creative minds we have inside of us. This is not a good thing, moving to centralize control over the inner thoughts individuals have, turning them to be used only by those few who abuse the system and legal processes. Freedom depends on the individual willing to seek it, but to avoid violence we must also have peaceful means to gain through our creative minds.

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