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Education fail: Poll says one in four unaware Earth orbits the Sun

Poll says one in four unaware Earth revolves around Sun.
Poll says one in four unaware Earth revolves around Sun.
Siri Stafford Stone/Getty-Images

A poll released Friday by the National Science Foundation found that an alarming number of Americans are unaware that the Earth orbits the Sun, reported.

The survey of over 2,200 people found that only 74 percent of respondents knew their home planet revolves around the sun.

The quiz included nine questions about physical and biological science. The average score was 6.5 correct -- hardly a passing grade.

The poll, Discovery News said, is used by the NSF to gauge U.S. scientific literacy every year. Given that one-quarter of the population is unaware of the basic fact that the Earth orbits the Sun, one can easily conclude that the nation has a problem.

"But for me personally, the fact that 26 percent of the respondents were unaware the Earth revolves around the sun shocked me to the core," Ian O'Neill wrote.

Are these results an anomaly or a statistical blip, he wondered. Or is it the result of a failed educational system?

Another outcome of the same poll, he added, is that a majority of young adults think astrology is a science rather than a spiritual belief.

"By contrast, 92 percent of the Chinese public think horoscopes are a bunch of baloney," the UPI said.

There is a bright side to the poll, O'Neill said.

Even though Americans scored poorly and are apparently unaware that the Earth orbits the Sun, they seem to love science.

O'Neill, however, used the report as an excuse to attack religion, upset that some schools are teaching creationism next to the theory of evolution.

"The fact that religion is given the same standing as science is not only absurd, it's a fundamental institutional failing where children (who may be excited to learn about science) will grow up with a second-rate education, neglecting decades of scientific knowledge in favor of pseudo-scientific religious agendas," he said.

The results of the survey, Breitbart said, will be included in a National Science Foundation report to President Obama and lawmakers.



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